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Customers are bragging about our coffees. Read on to find out what they're saying.

Southern Pecan & Highlander Grogg
Last weekend we were at Jungle Jims, and there were samples of your coffee. I am not normally one to try flavored coffee, as in the past, the other brands I have tried tasted cheap. Carol had Blackberry and Southern Pecan available. They were delectable! Especially love the Southern Pecan! I normally drink Chock Full of Nuts Original and had that in my cart to purchase that day until I tasted Southern Pecan. I was already getting low on Southern Pecan, so we went back to Jungle Jims (go there weekly from Northern Kentucky) and this time we purchased Highlander Grogg. WOW another terrific flavor! It was also nice to see that you were local, so from one small local business to another, keep up the GREAT work! We are hooked!! Amberlii in Northern KY

Gotten Six People Hooked
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I've gotten not one, not two, but six people hooked on this coffee! What started as a last minute buy at a craft show turned into everyone's favorite flavor of coffee! Susan in MN

Gave Up Folgers for La Crema Garden Grogg
Good Morning, my name is Jennifer and I wanted to say THANKS for creating such great coffees!! I have heard your commercials on 1160am and wondered about your company but getting to meet your husband and sample your product at the Home & Garden show made me give up my Folgers! I sampled your Garden Grogg and immediately wanted to bring some home. Full of flavor, not too light, not too dark, perfect for me!! Your attractive packaging of your coffee caught my attention, and I found one I thought my husband would like, Jig Saw Java. He loved it!

Your dedication to your company is obvious, I will tell everyone about you!! My friend that came to the Home & Garden show with me is exploring the opportunity of using your products as fund raisers for her son’s school. I wish you the best of luck with La Crema Coffee Company. In my opinion, you are the best!

Addictly Yours in SC
"Your coffee is amazing! I am not a fan of Starbucks or other such pricey name brand coffees, but we received a 2oz packet of your toasted chestnut creme coffee in a Christmas basket and absolutely loved it! So I logged on hoping to purchase more of that variety and perhaps get some samples of others, only to find out it isn't available online? Or in stores other than Ohio and Kentucky? I am wondering how your coffee found its way into a personal gift basket we received here in Columbia, SC?!? So my question (and hope) would be, can we buy the coffee directly from you? Or are we out of luck and just need to keep inhaling from the empty packet? Because we are. And I have a feeling that if we ever got a divorce the packet would come up as a point of custody stalemate in the settlement... "

Response: You did the right thing by emailing us and requesting information on how to receive our coffees in your area. Enjoy!

WOW. That's all I can come up with in regards to your coffee. WOW. I'm a college student at Otterbein, and I have a friend from around your area. She and I are both coffee fanatics, and she let me sample your banana nut bread flavor today. WOW. I immediately came back to my dorm and pulled up your website, only to find you have like a zillion yummy sounding flavors that I am now dying to try! Thank you so much for your spectacular coffee, and I cannot wait to hear back from you! I'm already on withdrawal... I'm hooked.

For Christmas, my husband and I received a gift basket which contained a package of the nutcracker coffee. It is delicious!

Family Loves It
I spent a short time in OH and ran across your coffee at Jungle Jim's. I absolutely love it and so does my family!

Husband Discovers...
My husband just discovered your coffee today at Jungle Jim's. He loves some of the flavors on your list.

In from the Windy City
Was in town from Chicago a couple of weeks ago and stopped at Jungle Jim's. While I was there, I purchased a bag of your Cappuccino-YUM!!!

Highlander Grogg
I just had some of the Highlander Grogg and am extremely impressed!

In Love with Nutcracker
I received a bag of Nutcracker in a gift basket, and I am love.

I was at a friend's and tried your La Crema blend that was bought at Jungle
Jim's. I was instantly hooked - very delicious and smooth.

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